Hi! I'm AaronaTheVirgo!

I'm a Comedian and Tarot Reader!

I create comedy and wellness products!

I'm a healer and I love to help people. I believe laughter is medicine and very healing to the soul. I believe tarot is a healing tool used to give people clarity, confirmation and self-empowerment in their lives. I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves through self-love, positivity and faith. Therefore, I create and promote products that make you laugh and assist you in wellness. Wellness is a holistic experience that includes your mind, body and soul - and yes SEX is apart/involves all three of those areas, I am an advocate of sexual wellness and awareness. I specialize in women’s rehabilitation from abuse, toxic relationships and incarceration. 

 I made it my life’s work to heal people and bring them joy via comedy and tarot readings while elevating the narrative of my African-American ancestors. I create funny, uplifting, inspiring, informational and entertaining content. My content varies from historical content to personal stories (My Vlog), or spiritual insight that helps people.

I have two communities on OnlyFans - one that promotes sexual health https://onlyfans.com/AaronaTheVirgo and another OnlyFans community that promotes spiritual wellness https://onlyfans.com/virgospiritualspace

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